Had the pleasure to take a group out on an overnight tuna trip. Headed out Saturday afternoon to catch live bait, the live bait was being stubborn. We managed to get about 40-50 live baits, compared to the 100-150 I normally would like to have onboard. Ran to the first drillship we were fishing, on the way out got to catch a beautiful Venice,La sunset. Once at drillship, the tuna were skying out of the water, so we threw top water poppers to them and hooked up immediately! The biggest tune of the trip was caught on a top water popper. We also put two live baits out the back of boat, while the crew in the front threw poppers and the guys in the middle of the boat did some high speed jigging. Fished all night ended up with 6 yellowfin tuna, 4 blackfin tuna. Before daybreak we started heading back in to our red snapper hole, caught 10 nice size red snapper, which wasn’t the limit, but the clients were ready to head in with a nice pile of fish. All in all great night with some good people, and they going home with some nice fish.

-For the most part we were able to beat the heat

-Not many boats at night fishing

-Put some hamburgers and sausage on grill for dinner

If you are looking to experience what it’s like to fish overnight in the Gulf of Mexico.Book your date today!


Tight Lines, Capt. D