When is the best time for tuna?

The best time of year to fish for yellowfin will depend on the size and quantity you are to fish for. In the Spring and Summer, the tuna range between 35-80lbs but more in quantity.  In the Fall and Winter months the size of the tuna range any where from 75-150+lbs but quantity may be less

Which marina do you operate out of?

Salty hooker Sport Fishing trips depart from the Cypress Cove Marina in Venice Louisiana

How much is fuel?

Depending on time of year and how far we have to run, fuel can range from $1,000.00-$1,400.00

Can we keep the captain and mates limit?

No. Under Louisiana law the first mate and captain can not have a limit of fish on a paid charter trip

What’s the limit?


Please understand that just like hunting you should only kill what you can eat. Off the cost of Louisiana, we enjoy some of the best fisheries around, and we want you to catch plenty of fish and enjoy the complete experience. We want you to come back for years and enjoy the fishery we have the pleasure to experience. So please do not fish for limits, fish for the experience and once you have enough of one species lets target another.  

Should I tip?

YES. The first mate works off of your tips ONLY he is not paid from the captain. So please be generous, as they work many hours long before your trip starts or ends for you to have the best experience.

Does the trip include fish cleaning?

Yes. This is one of the many duties of the first mate to clean and bag your catch. This is why tipping your first mate generously is important

How many anglers per boat and will everyone be fishing at the same time?

6 anglers max per offshore chartered trip. No exceptions Please also understand that not all passengers will be fishing at the same time. Depending on how we are fishing such as live baiting, chunking, jigging not everyone will have a fishing pole in their hand as sometime we may only have two to three lines out at one time.