What to Bring

Our Recommendations


It is imperative that you bring something to cover your head and a good pair of polarized sunglasses. 


Sunscreen (non-spray)

There is limited shade on the boat, so make sure you bring proper SPF sunscreen for your protection.


Food, snacks, and drinks

You will want to pack light things to eat. Also don’t forget your favorite chips. We will provide water, but any other beverage is your responsibility. Alcohol is allowed in moderation. Glass bottles nor hard liquor are allowed, anyone that causes the trip to become unsafe because of their alcohol consumption, will cause the trip to be cut short and full charter rate charged!! Safety is top priority


Warm clothing

The morning run even in the summer time could be chilly, so please layer clothes.


Rain gear

This is south Louisiana, the weather could change in a minute



If there is any regular medication that you take, please make sure you bring with you, also Tylenol or something for a headache. Sometimes the heat can cause a headache and we do not provide medication to our customers. Please make sure you have something for seasickness also.


Ice chest to bring home you catch

Please make sure you have an ice chest to transport you catch home. Please do not plan on brining an ice chest on boat, as we have plenty of room for your food and drinks


Make sure to bring your camera or GoPro, so that you can capture the experience. Please note any pictures taken while on trip or after may be used on our website, Facebook, Instagram or any other promotional platform

Comfortable deck shoes (please no black sole shoes as it will mark the decking of the boat)

Fishing is tough on the feet; it is important to wear comfortable shoes as you will be standing most of the trip

Fishing License

Please make sure you purchase your 3-day saltwater charter license for anyone 18 years and older on trip. The marina nor any other location down in Venice sell the license. The license can be purchase from the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries web site for $10-$20.

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